TECO A510 3ph (with filter) 30kw/37kw - Electric Motors, 3PH-1PH Electric motors, 1 Phase-3 Phase electric motors

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TECO A510 3ph (with filter) 30kw/37kw


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A510 Heavy Duty AC Drives

30kw /37kw (3-3ph) Sensorless Vector AC Drive

30kw Heavy Duty / 37kw Normal Duty


The A510 Heavy Duty AC Drive is an easily configured versatile drive product that will control all
general applications such as fans, pumps, conveyors, and mixers. It comes standard with a simple to
select preset application parameters for many commonly used applications.
A preset application menu designed to simplify start-up is provided for the following applications:
           Pump.                                    Conveyor.
           Exhaust.                                 HVAC.
           Compressor.                         Hoist.
Despite its simple and easy approach, the A510 is loaded with features to solve tough and demanding
applications such as reciprocating pumps, compressors and high torque/high inertia loads.



HP: 1 hp - 200 hp


  • Selectable control modes designed to cover almost all motor driven applications
  • attains high levels of torque
  • Select matching application type for quick setting of parameter defaults
  • Advanced regenerative energy handling capabilities with over-voltage suppression
  • Extensive monitoring and display capabilities
  • PLC functionality built-in to enhance application flexibility
  • Advanced tuning / motor matching capabilities
  • Pulse With Modulation (PWM) technology that reduces motor noise
  • 32 Bit, 100MHz processor for extremely fast response
  • Digital, analog and pulse I/O
  • Assignable as speed reference, PID feedback, gains, bias, and torque control-related parameters

Product Code: TECH1AOK64

Manufacturer: Teco

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