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Top Gear / Total protection and lubrication for open gears, wire ropes, chains and cables.


Product Description

Top GearHeavy Duty Bitumastic Lubricant.

Total protection and lubrication for open gears, wire ropes, chains and cables. Heavy duty applications.

Top Gear provides effective open gear lubrication in all extreme weather conditions without "build up" between teeth.






________ Heavy Duty Bitumastic Lubricant___________


Top Gear is a specially formulated bitumastic lubricant designed for use on open gears, wire ropes, chains and cables, many of which are permanently exposed to the atmosphere. It will provide effective open gear lubrication in all weather extremes without “build-up” between teeth. The product has powerful penetrative properties and penetrates to the core of cables and the link rollers of chains, displacing water, reducing wear and gives total protection.

Top Gear prevents metal to metal contact by adhering to rough or smooth surfaces and it controls corrosion, increases flexibility, resists washing out with rain, withstands heat, cold, steam, and does not get “thrown off1 at high running speeds.

Top Gear combines high adhesion with maximum shear resistance which reduces maintenance times and costs. It contains powerful rust inhibitors and is easy to use. Top Gear reduces waste to a minimum by iocalised treatment to wire ropes and gears. It is non-toxic, safe on ail metals and resists rust and

other corrosion.

How to Use

Use as supplied. Apply by direct application to rope or open gear, allow to penetrate or spread for a few seconds. One aerosol is as effective as “pounds of grease’


Top Gear is used for lubricating chains, cables, and wire ropes associated with cranes, grabs, diggers, winches, rollers, conveyers, asphalting equipment, street sweepers, general machinery, etc. It is for use on open gears and sliding surfaces on cranes, excavators, quarry machines, drill rigs, road rollers, sheers, presses, bevel gears, shipyard equipment and general construction.

In transport industry, the fact that Top Gear is highly resistant to wash off, makes it ideal for use on under-body linkages, and knuckles on sticking throttles, etc. Extremes of weather have little effect on Top Gear which combined with its resistance to salt water makes it ideal for use in the shipping

industry and other industries requiring this specification.



Product Code: TOPI01G586

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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