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WD-763 / Penetrates, Lubricates & Repels Moisture.


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WD-763Penetrates, Lubricates & Repels Moisture.

Economical water displacer and anti-corrosive. Prevents storage and process corrosion.  Mono molecular film .

Penetrates, Lubricates and Repels Moisture

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WD 763 is formulated to restore flood damaged electrical equipment and protect electrics in severe moisture conditions, incorporating efficient corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.

WD 763 contains a blend of cleaning and degreasing solvents, protective materials and dewatering agents designed to remove moisture from surfaces and replace it with a microscopic film of water repellent material. The solvents are specially chosen to be safe for use on virtually all materials used in electrical motors and circuits.

WD 763 is mainly used for 5 purposes - to restore electrical equipment which has failed due to moisture, to protect electrical equipment from the effects of moisture, as a short to medium term corrosion preventative, as a penetrating fluid and for light lubrication duties.

How To Use

WD 763 is used as supplied. It is applied to the equipment by spraying, brushing or dipping - all three processes resulting in displacement of water from the surface.

When WD 763 is used to overcome failures due to moisture on mains or other high voltage equipment, blow dry with compressed air before restoring electrical supply.

As penetrating fluid; spray onto seized part, allow to penetrate and undo seized part.


For restoring electrical equipment which has failed due to moisture. Also for protecting electrical equipment likely to be affected by damp conditions. Typical areas include: Motors, generators, vehicle electrics, marine equipment, switches, hand tools, lifts, pumps, etc.

WD 763 is also used to displace water from metal parts and as a temporary protective. It is a super penetrating fluid, leaving a light lubricating residue.


Product Code: WD-ENOUW79

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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