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Algae Kill / Highly concentrated additive prevents growth of algae in static or circulating systems.


Product Description

Algae Kill Algaecide-Water Treatment.

Highly concentrated additive prevents growth of algae in static or circulating systems. Use in cooling systems, heat exchanges, air conditioning,
sprinklers, etc. Kills bacteria .



Algae Kill keeps water systems free from algae, it is a combination of specially selected quaternary ammonium salts which optimise, in one product, the outstanding biocidal and anti-static effects of these compounds.

How to Use

Algaecide - Algae Kill finds use in static and circulation cold water systems as an algaecide. For this application it is used at the rate of 0.5 litre per 5,000 litres of water. When starting to use Algae Kill the systems should be slug-dosed with 2Vn litres per 5,000 litres and then controlled by adding at the rate of 0.5 litre per

  1. litres to the make-up water. In contaminated systems, start at 0.5 litre per
  1. litres and build up the concentration slowly to avoid plugging.

Biocide - For use as a general purpose sanitising agent, use Aigae Kill at dilutions of 1 to 100 to 200 in hot water.

Anti-static Agent - for use as an anti-static agent, Algae Kill is diluted with 10 parts water before use.


Algaecide - use as indicated in cooling systems, heat exchangers, air conditioning plant, filter beds, cooling towers, sprinkle systems etc. Do not use in

drinking water.

Biocide - use a general purpose sanitising agent and disinfectant. Algae Kill has a much lower odour and toxicity than standard pine disinfectants.

Non Hazardous


Product Code: ALG13BKT81

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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