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Block Breaker


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Block BreakerSupercharged Drain Cleaner.

Super power sulphuric acid based drain cleaner. Removes blockages caused by organic matter. Inhibited formula for protection of pipework .


The ‘super-charged5 mineral acid compound, that quickly dissolves blockages caused by organic matter, such as hair, coffee grounds, tea bags, fats, greases, body waste, toilet paper, sanitary towels, rags, uric acid, etc.

Block Breaker must be applied as near to the blockage as is possible. If water is present, remove as much as possible, then pour into drain taking care not to hold face over the application area. If the blockage is beyond a U-bend, use a suitable length of rubber or plastic hose and feed to site of blockage; at application end insert funnel facilitating easier handling and hold as high as possible, to allow Block Breaker to drop to blockage. Allow to stand for 4 to 5 minutes. If no water is present, add a similar quantity of water & allow to stand for 2 minutes more, then flush well with water. Repeat if necessary. Block Breaker will not harm plastic or rubber and contains special inhibitors to minimise the effect on metal surfaces and cement based pipes. 93% Sulphuric acid.


Block Breaker is highly corrosive. Use with extreme care. Goggles, Gloves & protective clothing should be worn. All splashes must be rinsed from the skin at once with plenty of cold water. Splashes in eyes must be irrigated with plenty of cold water and medical aid sought immediately. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, but seek medical help at once. Do not add water to Block Breaker, hot or cold. Store in a safe place, under lock and key. Block Breaker should only be used by competent, responsible persons, fully conversant with the product, the potential hazards and safe handling procedures. Block Breaker should only be used where pipework is sound. When using to clear blockages caused by uric acid, do not leave in contact with porcelain or vitreous china as staining may occur. Block Breaker is not for general sale, and will only be supplied upon special request. In some areas consultation with the water authority may be advisable.                 


Product Code: BLOQCICG20

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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