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Seeze Free / Metallic, anti-galvanic, anti-seize lubricant and dressing- like millions of tiny ball-bearings.


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Seeze FreeAnti-Seize Lubricant & Dressing.

Metallic, anti-galvanic, anti-seize lubricant and dressing- like millions of tiny ball-bearings.

Anti-seize lubricant & dressing

Seeze Free is a high temperature, extreme pressure, corrosion resistant anti-seize iubricant and dressing,

Seeze Free combines the high temperature, extreme pressure, anti- seize abilities of colloidal aluminium in suspension with an advanced oii-based assembly lubricant. The compound seals & protects mated metal parts in conditions of extreme heat, pressure & corrosion. The ‘soft’ particles provide a protective anti-friction that will not throw, burn, wash or scrape off. They prevent self welding and seizure of metal surfaces and act as millions of ball bearings that roll between the mated surfaces on disassembly.

Seeze Free protects against galling and tearing of metal parts. It is recommended for assembly of new equipment, and re-assembly after maintenance work.

Seeze Free reduces corrosion, galvanic action and distortion and

gives easy release even when dissimilar metals are maintained in contact.

Seeze Free resists both fresh & salt water wash-out, and does not induce galvanic action. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non­flammable. It will not affect metals or rubbers, natural or synthetic, Seeze Free reduces thread distortion created by high temperatures, ensures easy gasket removal. It is ideal on boiler fittings, exposed pulleys, sprockets & cables, curing moulds, kiln trucks etc,

It's just like having millions of ball bearings working especially for you !


Assembly of all parts which may be eposed to extreme conditions, where disassembly may be require at some time. It’s best to be able to take it apart!

As Supplied to the ThustSSC Programme (in Aerosols).



Product Code: SEES1VFV66

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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