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Super Shield / Multi-purpose maintenance fluid & corrosion preventative. Defence Standards 68 - 10/2 and NATO code C-634


Product Description


Super Shield is a special multi-purpose maintenance fluid which has the ability to act as a corrosion preventative, penetrating oil and de-watering agent.

• Formulated to the specifications of PX24 under Defence Standards 68 - 10/2 and NATO code C-634 for a corrosion Preventative Compound/Water Displacer, for preserving jet and turbine engine parts in marine and wet environments.

Super Shield protects against corrosion in all metals and the ultra thin film need not be removed prior to carrying out operations such as stamping, cutting, drawing, turning, welding, soldering, etc.

Super Shield has a superb spreading capability, 1 litre covers 1002 metres. It is a carefully blended formulation of chemical inhibitors and de-watering agents which is highly mobile in a solvent base with a safety high flash point of 41 °C. Evaporation is rapid, leaving a thin, soft drip-free lubricating, de-watering and corrosion inhibiting layer. It does not attack the surfaces treated - unlike other products that purport to having similar benefits.

How to Use

Apply by aerosol/hand spray, or immerse in dip tank. Super Shield's thin film seldom needs to be removed from metal. However there are some instances e.g. prior to painting, metal coating and the like, when it is necessary to have an ultra clean surface. In these cases, Super Shield is easily removed with Extra Clean or So Clean and one extra advantage of using this product is so little material to be removed from the metal, that the contents of vapour de­grease less free.

Product Code: SUP23VVJ93

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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