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Tap Drill / The Ultimate Metal Working Lubricant


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Tap Drill The Ultimate Metal Working Lubricant!

The ultimate in extreme pressure lubricants. Prevents ‘metal to metal’ contact, even on the toughest metals. The perfect anti-scoring tap and broach lubricant. Extends life of tools, cams and bearings.



Lathe Centres: Because PW Tap Drill withstands extreme pressures, it is well adapted for use on machines using centres such as lathes and grinders. Closer tolerances can be held without seizure; heavier loads applied; will not

wash out or emulsify with liquid coolants & outlasts commonly used lubricants.

Steady Rests: The extreme pressure qualities of PW Tap Drill ensure safety of workpieces when used on steady rests & heavy journals. Even when tough metals like stainless steel are used, it affords complete protection to the steady rest jaws. Try it on the most severe applications; it will not allow ’’metal to metal” contact.

Thrust Bearings: Bearings will run cooler with less power consumption, when PW Tap Drill is used. Frictional

heat is minimised.

Broaching: The life of broaching tools will be greatly lengthened by the application of PW l ap Drill, because it will not allow ’’metal to metal” contact This feature plus its ability to penetrate & adhere to tools, affords continuous protection, even under severe loads.

Tapping & Drilling: PW Tap Drill increases production & reduces breakage of taps and drills. Tough alloys and metals such as Stainless Steel can be worked successfully because it prevents "metal to metal” contact. The making

of blind holes is made easy and correct lubrication will facilitate the most difficult operations and extend tool life.

Die Set Posts: Use PW Tap Drill on die posts, etc. for extended service from these vital parts. Greater protection is obtained than that afforded by common lubricants.

Cams: Cams exert severe pressures, so use PW Tap Drill to prevent ’’metal to metal” contact and so reduce wear.

Machine Ways: Horizontal, inclined or vertical, PW Tap Drill will do a better job for you, because it is concentrated, stabilised and has great ‘film strength'. Engineers have found PW Tap Drill to be the answer to severe lubricating problems created by extreme pressures on machine ways.

Extruding: PW Tap Drill has proved extremely successful in many unusual extruding and swagging operations.

The high strength of the product makes it a most valuable and useful tool for the engineer.

Neutral                Non-Corrosive                       Non-Inflammable


Product Code: TAP6MVSW11

Manufacturer: Pearson & Wilkinson


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